I'm auditioning for a Jazz Studies (Guitar Performance) major at college in December. I have to learn several standards for the audition, although I will probably only have to play one or two. Anyway, I'm having trouble figuring out what the tempo for some of the standards is. (I want to know because it will help with playing the chord changes in time.) The songs I need help with are:

Four - Miles Davis
Song For My Father - Horace Silver
Take Five - Dave Brubeck (recording in 5/4 time i believe)
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock

Does anyone know what tempo these songs are played at?
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can't you just listen to recordings of the songs and count the beats in one minute? or listen to them, get an idea of the tempo, and then compare it to a metronome.
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Did you choose those? because I would recommend against take five and watermelon man for the audition unless they are what the university said they wanted.

Really you can take them wherever you're comfortable at: Four sounds fine at a medium pace and can be taken as up as you can manage. Song for my father I'd look for the slower side of medium, and really work on getting a strong groove. If you do Take Five, medium, I wouldn't take it fast. Watermelon man, again, medium, really work the groove, but funkier (for Hancock) rather than gutsier (for the Silver).

Try not to get stuck in tempos though. Many players fall in to ruts where everything play is in one of three tempos, ballad, medium, up, which can be remarkably unfortunately consistently the same, all the time. Mess around with it, try to find where you want it to sit.
If you haven't been listening to the songs at least a dozen times already, I would advise against all of those tunes. Don't just open a page in a real book and try to learn it (well, that is good for sightreading). Listen to some songs that sound nice to you and go for those.
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