so i'm starting to record some songs, and I'm borrowing a cheap $200 bass from my friend to record the bass tracks. If I connect it to my regular guitar amp (B-52 AT-112) would it damage anything?

and should the gain channel be on, or should i just play it through clean.

i'm recording with a presonus inspire 1394/ with an sm57 mic if that helps

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Don't do it, guitar amps aren't built to handle the low frequencies a bass puts out.

If you're going to do anything, run the bass direct.
i don't have money for anything right now. but if i use the bass on my guitar amp, how "much" would it mess up
if i run it directly to the interface. would it sound as good as placing a mic in front of the amp. (im not using any effects for the bass or anything)
What you could do, if you want distortion, is run the Bass through the AT-112's pre amp, then plug the effects send into the recording interface. This shouldn't damage anything.

This will sound much better than micing the amp. Guitar speakers don't reproduce bass well, so at best your bass would just sound like a down tuned guitar.
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bass will blow out the amp's speakers.

A blown speaker can affect load impedance, improper impedance mismatching can fry your amp.