on the high E string put your index finger on the 5th fret then stretch your pinky to the ninth fret strum with strumming hand once then take your strumming hand and tap the 12th fret while hammering on and pulling off your pinky on the 9th fret find a rhythem write it down and it sounds great. You can move from 12 to 13 14 to 12 then 11, 10 then 12 and slide your hand 2 frets down (not your strumming hand, hand holding guitar) trust me it sounds good w/ little effort. Don't believe me check out thundersruck by AcDC Angus uses a similar trick
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that would be an A major arpeggio

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When I was a total rookie, I once had the brilliant idea of using my middle finger, ring finger and pinky to pluck strings, and use a pick at the same time (!)
and I was pretty proud of my home made technique!

then I found out about hybrid picking
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that would be an A major arpeggio

it is i couldn't remember what it was called