I've been messing with my PODxt and I've been running that through the front of the 5150 (I know, I know, don't shoot me just yet). Needless to say, I'm really not pleased with what I've been hearing. I want to use the amp's distortion but still keep my POD for clean and any effects.

Anyone familiar with one or both of these bad boys to guide me on an easy/great sounding way to run the POD thru the fx loop? I've tried several different configurations, but I'm either tap dancing way too much or it sounds like crap. Thanks.
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If your just using it for modulation effects drop it in the loop...

I don't think the POD XT Live is capable of 4CM, so this.
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it's not a pod xt live, so i dunno if that makes a difference...i'll scoot over to line 6 and see what's up...thanks for the posts...keep em comin if anyone has got more insight.
Plug Pod output into effects loop
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