I'm looking for a beginner guitar equal to or under $150. What's the best choice? Please tell me both the brand and the model name/number - thanks very much!
You may be selling yourself, or the person you are buying it for, short. There IS a low-priced Yamaha that has had fairly good reviews:


but give yourself, or that new beginner a better "step up" (fair chance) with a few more bucks for something like this:

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I started my guitar career with the same package. The yamaha FD01s is just an OK guitar. After learning for a few months, that guitar frustrated me because it would buzz pretty bad and I couldn't get a clean sound. I bought a better guit as soon as I could afford it. I was convinced to buy the FD01s because it has a solid top but that doesn't help much if it isn't any fun to play.
Takamine Jasmine.

Not saying this is the best, but it's an option. You should really go out to a store and try out these guitars for yourself.
actually in all honesty rogue guitars arent that bad for just startin...or for bit more check out the guitars for under 300 bucks thread
oh that's an easy one. Get a Yamaha F335. I have one and it is an amazingly good acoustic guitar for the price it's put at.
I have an Epiphone DR-100 that I got as my first acoustic guitar, and I still really love it, and play it a lot! It's a really good guitar for the price!

I believe it's $120 new.