I'm a beginner guitarist. I bought a Squier (made by Fender) Strat Pack starter kit which included a tuner model AT-3. After a few weeks the tuner just stopped working. I changed the batteries on it and it still would light up but just not recognize anything. After turning it on and off about 10 times it worked. Then, it stopped working again. It's been like this for a week. So, being frustrated I called the number on the Fender warranty card. Within 5 minutes of hold time (it tells you how many callers are ahead of you too) a very nice, easy to understand gentlemen answered the phone. I told him what model I had and he said "we don't make this tuner anymore but we will send you another one just as good or better". He took my personal information and then left me his name before hanging up. I even gave him a suggestion (have an upgrade certificate of some kind.. like $50 off towards a new guitar) and took note of it.

So, a thumbs up for Fender customer service.
Well thats peachy
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