im in california its in good condition had it for 3 weeks bought it new off ebay ...played two shows with it ....ill take pics later on tonite need sisters camera
I have a Jackson DKMG, black, with LFR. A couple of small nicks here and there but nothing you'd see without looking for them. The pickups have been updgraded to Dimarzio Evo 2 in both the neck and bridge positions. Also, being an older model, it has an EMG Afterburner which, if you turn it on, makes your pickups sound active even though they aren't. I'll include a Roadrunner hsc. Interested? I'd need a little money on top, since mine is $700 new+$160 in pickup upgrades, while yours is (I believe) stock and $650 new. I'd like about $100 (half of the difference in value of the guitars). PM if you're interested.

I'll of course need pics first.
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fuzzyDXMG=GREAT buyer/trader, easy to deal with.