A 5 minute (or close to 5 minute) instrumental that I thought was good enough to come here.

Similar to my latest stuff with a tiny doom influence, but mostly posty rock/metal and hardcore.

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I could have done without the final distortion part, but other than that, spot on.
The intro was great created a really good atmosphere. Although I think if you added a very subtle melody, synth part, or back ground noise it could become something even better, but don't make it too loud. Great bass and drum work all the way through. The octave part your strumming sounds great, but to my ear the strumming pattern doesn't properly mesh up with the chords, it should also be quieter. I didn't like the drums in the arpeggio part, you created all this great atmosphere and the quirky/proggy drumbeat doesn't do it justice. Also the transition into the arpeggio section was very abrupt, try adding a longer drum fill. Song was great, just fixing a few quirks would change it into a song I could see myself listening to so much that I would eventually get sick of it and not be able to listen anymore.
I could picture the intro as something that City And Colour would do.

When the bass came in, that had a really good feel to it.
I wish this was labelled so I could tell what was what from what easier.

The 17/16 timing was cool but weird. It worked well though.

The bit at bar 47 was very very nice, epecially when the drums came in.
And at 55 with the distortion it only got better.

The change at 95 seems a bit sudden, maybe the transition could be better.
But musically it's good.

It sounded weird at 107 but I got used to it after a few bars.
The bassline is very cool there.

Overall, 9/10. Good song (:
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I liked the intro, although it dragged for too long without any variations, maybe keep it to 4 or 8 bars and then cut the rest.
I liked the next part too, but again, it drags for too long and is kinda repetitive, add some more variations or instruments to complement it.
I liked how you used the time sig, I liked how that subtle difference with 4/4 made the bar kind of drag for a little and keep you waiting and then resolve...

I also like the change at 47, and how it progresses.
The mood of the song is pretty mellow, but still has distortion parts, and heavy parts.

Up to 05 it's all the same, I don't know if that is usual of the genre you write, but maybe try making it less repetitive. Although it does work like ambience music, and if that is the purpose, leave it that way.

Pretty good song.

Last song in sig....