I know theres a sticky for this but i really dont wanna read thru it all. So please, any easy songs will help, i know a few like ironman (not solo) Back in black (not solo) and Maps. Please ive been looking for songs for a while now
yea an easy song is patience by gunsnroses thats a novice song if you like that kinda stuff
Normally alternative/punk rock songs are great beginner songs. Check out some Green Day and Blink-182 to start.

If you feel you're better than that, try Highway to Hell by AC/DC with the solo; it's an easy one and shouldn't take you too long.
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K thx guys I did manage to find outside by staind in the sticky so workin on that right now. The only thing about green day tho is the palm muting and i just cant figure that out, know any lessons to show me how?
Palm muting is simple bro, jjust lay your palm down on the strings toward the end of the strings by the bridge (On the body of guitar, not neck), and play. Its a chugg. Easy green Day song? Redundant. Simple no mutes. your welcome

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ACDC songs like TNT ore Highway to hell.
If you like chords: The Rasmus: Sail away
Or enter sandman by metallica isn't very difficult.
yo man thx for the green day song, but like for palm muting i do that but it just completely mutes the strings like no sound at all.