Mahogany body
Gloss finish
Tone Pros® Bridge
Stop Tailpiece
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups
3-way toggle switch
2 volume, 2 tone controls
Mahogany set neck
Rosewood fingerboard with Pearl trapezoid inlays
22 jumbo frets
24.75" scale
12" fingerboard radius
Double action truss rod
Graph Tech nut
Chrome hardware
18:1 Grover® tuners

i just put a deposit on it at my local music store, just wanted an opinion
very nice how much? but seriously i dig it
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eww. yellow...

other than that, looks nice
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An opinion on what?

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The guitar is alright though. It's like if you made a Les Paul really, really ugly, and painted it an atrocious colour.
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its like a gold top when you look at it face to face.

it cost me 600 used, from the factory about 1500
i dont like the looks, but the specs are nice. 600 is a good price for it.

i dunno hy people dont really like the looks, i think its got a les paul style, but more flashy,

i guess its personal opinion
It's a nice guitar, all that matters is how you feel about. Does it play and sound nice? Do you like the way it looks. That is all that is important.
Hey buddy. . . looks like you melted ur les paul. Or is that the new melted chesse studio?

The specs look good. Howdoes it play. And what is it? (Who makes it?)

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looks gaudy, but if it feels nice and sounds great then who cares right? as long as you like it man, thats all that matters.
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i love the way it feels, its like, oh man. really comfortable to play.
and it sings like a damn bird.