I just entered the pit, to find thread titles such as this:
i like to finger my own butthole till it bleeds
while girls can finger their vaginas, guys can finger their buttholes
i like to roll around naked while doing autofellatio
i like to have sex with myself

The wierd thing s they are all created by a fellow who goes by "ubannable"
so I must ask, WTF!?

EDIT: two new ones,
i like to jerk off to meatsp*n for the lulz
i like to stick my dick into other guys' ears
I Want One!!!

The Kraftwerkers: The Society for the Appreciation of Kraftwerk
I think he was a multi of some asshole, he's gone now though
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
Way to feed the troll with this thread. Don't worry about it, he's banned by now, and probably on the way to an IP ban.