Which one out of these two Carvin guitars should I save up for?

The C66



the Bolt?


I did the little custom build thing to get a quote on prices for both

here are my specs if i were to order either one


The biggest difference in the two besides looks are the pickups

I play mainly light and heavy funk with my band
Listen to examples here: www.myspace.com/dyslexiccrown

i like to mess around with prog and fusion besides funk, stuff like guthrie govan, scale the summit, eric johnson, steve vai, etc.

I already own a parker p-44 which is good for prog-ish tones, so i'm looking for a guitar that would best suit the style of music i play with my band, funky jazzy heavy riffy rock type of playing

So which one out of these two would be the better choice for my band's style?
I like the look / specs of the C66 better.

But honestly, it's a Carvin, and you're going to be customizing it before you order. You really can't go wrong with either.
The C66 looks better in my opinion, but for funk, you probably want a bolt on neck for that pop. So for a funk band, go with the Bolt I'd say.

Edit: Didn't see that the C66 was also a bolt-neck. They should both suit fine.

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I'd go for the C66.
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do you think that the c22 pickups in the C66 would be fine for funk? i know the single coils in the Bolt would be good, but i'm not sure about the c22 pickups, it has coil tapping, but most of the coil tapped type of guitars i've played before are just sub-par, like my parker for example. i just lose output