Hey guys, so I've been looking at the Roland Cube 60 and it looks pretty sweet. It appears to be all that I need, but I'd like your opinions on the amp. I play a lot of styles, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, stuff like that. I'd like you guys to give me your experiences with the amp such as volume, quality of the effects, quality of the amp models, tweaking ability to find a certain sound, or problems that you've had with it. ALSO, my one concern is a footswitch. I've read that some users can't find a certain footswitch with the amp so you can switch effects and channels. One review said that they needed to get a custom one? I'm only going by what I hear...what ever its worth. So all feedback would be great! My main concern though is the footswitch!
It's a good practice amp, but not for gigs. It's a processing amp, so it's very digitally affected, which some guys don't care for, myself included. Nothin like a tube amp IMO.

But like I said, it's a good little noise box. Would I buy it for a practice amp to jam with? Sure. It's reliable and doesn't sound terrible for practicing.
Would I take it out and gig with it? Emphatically no.
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Yeah it's really good. I personally like Peavey, but my friend has that amp and it sounds amazing. I walked in to his house and laughed at it, then I heard it and I was blown away. it's a really good amp.
EDIT: But like the other guy said, it's not a tube and shouldn't be used for gigs, but it's one of the best PRACTICE amps I've ever heard. And it's loud haha.
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For its price, you would be a fool to consider anything else. Maaaybe check out a vox as well but i prefer the rolland. Great amp for a great price.
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I wouldn't get the roland 60, if you're just getting a practice amp, no need to go over 30
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