being a senior i spend a good third of my school day in my schools music ed office working on recording stuff. so i want to buy an amp that i can use for recording there off ebay

i was looking at the crate v18 212. i just want to know will this keep up a drummer and still be clean? if not how much break up will it be at the lowest volume needed to keep up wit the drummer? (hope that one made sense) i play generally blues and classic rock. im gonna leave this at school because im sick of playing through a sterile sounding SS keyboard amp


or should i get the v50

whats the main differences in their sound

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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Mainly the voicing. The V18 has EL84's (British) I think and the V50 has 6L6's (American).
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My Palomino V16 can keep up with a drummer just fine and remain clean, and it's 15 watts just like the V18.
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Its a great little amp. Its a step up for any new guitarist or any guitarist looking to get a quick and simple boost to their tone's quality.

I can't say that all tube amps are better than all solid state amps. But to me the sound of a real overdriven tube amp cranked to the max simply cannot be copied.

Get the v50 however, it has a few more tonal options.
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