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Its up to you whether you get it or not :p

I've heard both negative and positive things about the blue snowball but havent had a chance to get hands on with it , so i'm waiting till then to form any opinions.

What are you planning to record, just basic home guitar demos?
Look a bit further into it. I'm kinda inclined to agree with humperdunk for the most part. Their track record for quality music supplies is pretty sad. In the link, it lists the specs for the BlueBall and it says:

Great use for: Podcasting, Internet communications, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), Voice recognition software, and multi-media production

USB mics are generally for these types of applications. Notice it doesn't say great for recording singing and musical instruments?

That said... Blue does make some fine mics, so I wonder.... how bad can it be?

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Well I've heard some really great reviews for it. Clarity, full sound when using the omnidirect option. I would usually just be making electric demos/jams with it, and acoustic songs.
Well, if you are only going to do one thing at a time, it's a great value. The Tracktion software or microphone alone are worth $99, so you aren't losing any money by going for it.
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yea I would say go for it and see how it sounds. be sure to put a review on this site when/if you get it. As FF said, it's quite a good deal with the software.

I personally would never get a USB mic, I just don't see them as anything professional. I just don't see how a USB port can power up a condenser mic with 48V...I believe USB only puts out 3 or 4 volts DC.
Im sure it would work well for speech and such but I cant see it being great for instruments or singing...but that's just my thought.
The 48V is not such a big deal. The majority of condenser mics only need 15V. And a integrated setup with USB based power could probably use a much lower voltage with equal performance.

But trying to monitor what you are recording could be big problems as that really depends on your PC and sound card. I tried a USB mic a few months ago and monitoring was horrible with breakups/latency issues, but what it recorded was pretty good. Since I could not connect to my mixer and studio monitors, only the PC, it was not usable.