What's a fast computer for under $800 that is a desktop computer? Do I need to look for lots of RAM or hard drive space?

I was thinking a Dell Inspiron but what does the pit think?
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Build your own.

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Build your own.

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Compaq makes good ones. I just got a 320gig hard drive, Celeron dual core processor with 3 gb of high speed ram for 400 bucks. Records my music VERY nicely.

Building your own if you can, though, is the best and most cost efficient option.
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RAM. Get 2Gb's Dude. You're rig will be stellar. A freinds got a SINGLE core in his computer and 2Gbs.. not to mention his POS PCI graphics card. He plays games well and loads everything extremely fast. And No guys, I'm not talking about seriously crazy games I'm talking about EverQuest 2, WarRock, that kinda stuff.

EDIT: If your going to run vista, get 4Gb's.
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at least a dual core processor, at least 2 gigs of ram, at least 120gb of harddrive, at least an Nvidia 8 series graphics card, Intel X3100 or ATi HD2x00 series.

For $800, in a desktop, you can probably get a Q6600 with a 9600GT, 4gb of 8500 ram (or whatever comes after 6400) and 500gb HDD.... that'd be a fast as hell system. In a laptop, 800'll buy you something more like a Core 2 Duo T5x50 or T7x50 series CPU with 4gb of 6400 ram, Intel X4500 and 250gb HDD

wait, what are you using it for?
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