i cant find a footswitch foir my b-52 at 112 anywhere and i wanan switch from clean to distortion.. i was wonderign what are some good pedals for hardrock/metal/punk i wanna be able to switch from clean to Dist!!! and maybe some good effects too

i would love some advise cause theres millions of pedals and i dont know hwere to begin
They didn't include the footswitch?

Thats what you need to switch between channels and Ods n ****. go to GC and demand one
I think most footswitches will work with your amp if all you want to do is switch channels. Try the marshall 1-button one.
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Roland has decent latching footswitches.
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Should have gotten one with your amp at GC, I know I did.

Get over there and bash some skulls for it
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Yeah seriously, the one I'm going to buy today doesn't have a footswitch in front of it (at 212) and I'm going to say "listen can I have the footswitch from the half stack over there?"

Lol they'll do it.
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lol i asked them they said my amp needed a specific footswitch 4 it to work and it didnt come with the amp soo ****...