Tempo is a too slow in several parts. I feel you should either add keyboard or use "let ring" a lot more, as there are big holes that don't feel right. Repeat the ideas more, by the time the sections hit you they are already gone. Fix these things and you have a great piece. There are a few really good parts, bar 3-5, and the scale down part were my fav. O and this would sound way better on a real guitar ( not something you can fix but always noteworthy)
That was nice and calm, i like the time change part. The only thing i would change is to either fill it in more at some parts, because it seemed to drag on in a couple of spots, or make it faster. Just for kicks i sped it up to 120 and the mystery part sounded awesome. and with that, expanding it also.

overall good job, i liked it a lot it reminded me of something i would fall asleep to on my floor.

EDIT: can you crit my piano piece? thanks
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