Do all Long and Mcquade stores do guitar set ups? Do you have to arrange it ahead of time or do you just walk in, ask for the tech and get it set up?

Sorry for having such a noob question
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No responses so far probably means that none of the forum member has specific knowledge about the shop you mention. Probably the best thing to do is call them up and ask.
In general, picking out a shop that delivers a good job for a reasonable price can be tricky. Some are very good and thorough, others are complete frauds. Prices vary widely, but do not necessarily reflect the level of quality offered. Some of the worst butchers are also the most expensive. Ask some fellow guitarists who they trust their instruments to. Every aria has it's guitartech where everybody else goes. See where the professional musicians hang out and go there too.
Prices should in theory depend on the time a luthier spends on a job, and that in turn depends on what you want to have done and the standard of quality you demand, together with the basic quality of your guitar.
To take two extremes as an example. Suppose you bring a fairly new, well treated electric guitar that was set up perfectly from the factory, chances are that a friendly luithier would swap strings, set the truss rod and the saddles in a matter of minutes without pre arrangement and free of charge exept the price of the strings. If on the other hand you bring a worn out old acoustic and demand it to be set up for the best possible temperarion and playabilty, the same luthier would have to plan a good part of a working day for it. If you want that, it's going to cost you.

Sadly the repair and maintenance business offers an easy oppertunity for fraudulent posers. Musical instruments are no different than cars, tv sets and laundromats. There are scammers around that take advantage of the lack of knowledge of their customers and charge for work not done properly or not done at all. If you can't find out who to trust, the best thing is to get to know as much as possible about setting up guitars. You might as well learn to do some basic work yourself. Restringing, dialing in neck curvature, action and octave purity is something that any guitarist should be able to do.
Apart from making you able to expose frauds, having a deeper knowledge about your instrument brings a lot of other advantages as well. And it is fun too.
Thank you for your response. And for those who don't know: Long and Mcquade is like the Guitar Center of Canada
I leik music