I'm looking for a new amp to buy, I play a g-400 with jb/jazz set and im looking for an amp with nice cleans but can do metalica sounding metal, I have a fish and chips eq and a bad monkey also. Hopefully something loud enough to gig withPrice range is about 800 CAD so like 600 USD.I was thinking of a maybe, peavey classic 30, valve king, peavey windsor, crate v33 head plus maybe a cab? any suggestions welcome, I can stretch my budget a bit if its worth it.
I'd definately look at Peavey's man. I've got a XXX, and it's very good for both. The cleans are a little thin, but if you've got an EQ pedal in the chain that could do well. I just run pedals through my fx loop in the back to round out the sound a bit on the clean channel. The distorted one rips though. I love the amp.
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