I bought (don't report me for piracy, because I'm not pirating) Dream Theater's Score DVD, and I want to rip it onto my computer so that I don't need to bring the DVD everywhere. I used DVD Decrypter to make it into many .vob files, but now I need to make it into one .avi, .mpg or .mp4 file. So far the most I've been able to do is make it into one .iso and mount it with daemon tools, which is a hassle, really.
dude... i'm totally reporting you for piracy....
If you want to shine like the sun first you must burn like it.
I use AutoGK (for turning vobs into avi) free fast and reliable.
Im in the same Exact Situation!

'Cept i pirated my Dream Theater DVD.

Cuz im in the with times


Yes, poop.