Anyone seen this show yet?

What do you think? I find that it seems informative, but their lineup of doctors is odd - they're on every day. Shouldn't Travis Stork, M.D., be in an operating room? Some episodes are so full of **** (drug abuse one).

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doctors should be helping ppl with their skills in the hospital and clinics instead of wasting their time on tv with ppl trying to better themselves.

i watched it a couple times and there is always this on it : Heres a question you may have been to embarrassed to ask....then some douche will ask it on national tv......like asking your doctor in private is much much harder
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Yeah, good point.

Like, as I was saying, the drug abuse episode - they "dosed" a guy with salvia and exhibited him in front of the audience! He had these little sensors thingys connected to his head (they read brainwaves or something). Now, from my experiences, you cannot sit still in front of people and calmy recite what you are seeing, hearing and imagining while on this drug. That is what this "researcher" did. Seems like a load of crap...

Personally, I just think they should be actually helping people who need it, not hosting a show.