OK boys. you don't see these up on the block too often! Yes it is one solid piece of wood Hand carved from one piece of old growth mahogany. Special design Marchione Dimarzios, ebony finger board, sperzels, and Marchione hardware. Unbelieveable low end, warmth, clarity and SUSTAIN that rocks you all night long. This guitar is the TONE Monster! No neck joint. Need I say more?

I have played this one a little with some minor wear, but I had Stephen Marchione go through the entire guitar from head to toe, dressed the frets and it was brought back to new spec. So its ready for your next gig.

These retail new for $7000, I am asking $5500 OBO for mine (Paypal'd shipped CONUS). Comes with custom Cronkite gig bag.

Let me know and enjoy the pics.

PS: I will give the buyer 72 hour approval period AFTER receiving the guitar to make sure its the one for you!

Let me know.