I just got a B-52 ST-6012 and the tubes are cheap Sovtek tubes that really kill the tone and sound of the amp. What are some good tubes that would really breath new life into my amp? I want a chunkier sound, more distortion, and more of a thrash metal sound ala Metallica. The amp has:

2 6L6 Power Tubes
5 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
1 12AT7 Reverb Tube
1 5AR4 Rectifier Tube
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You'll probably get more answers if you ask in the tube sticky. Just copy and paste that and delete this thread.

BTW, JJs or Tungsol 6L6s ought to be good, I dunno for preamp tubes, maybe tungsols or JJs again. JJs tend to be pretty dark, especially their preamp tubes, so keep that in mind.
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yeah, leave the reverb/rectifier tubes alone for now.
hard is more percussive and soft is more compressed, says in the sticky.
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