1. NEVER bump your thread after only 5 minutes.

2. Do NOT type in all caps.

3. Your dillemma can be resolved using google or the search bar and is not that important to yell in the title. Hell, even using the fricken site you linked to.

4. The bare is the case ground, the green is the south coil start (which is usually grounded, as in this case).

5. 22 awg is standard.

Please use common sense in your next thread. Thanks.
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^^ thats exactly what I was going to say, think about it, someone has to come on this thread, type out a decent answer, and post it, especially for jim with his dial up, its going to take more than 5 minutes
Actually, it takes me an average of 3 minutes to type and submit a reply, so if you ever see a post that was a repeat of the person right before me or w/e, I actually started typing it 3 minutes ago. Like now, for instance.

BTW, I have most of this site cached.
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if you don't already have green and bare wires on your pickup, they're wired differently.
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