That was pretty good. The intro riff was a little too repetitive, but it gave it a kinda sludgy feel. Idk if you going for that, but that's what I saw.
I love the breakdown starting at bar 58. That was a nice change of pace.
The song didn't really pick up again until measure 90, which is an awesome part. That filler in between those 2 reference points is just unnessessary. Or you should have one of the guitars do a couple of licks here and there to spice it up.

The solo was awesome. It's good to hear that you went towards a melodic route with that. It was done very tastefully as well.

I like the solo rhythm riff quite a bit, so I was glad to hear it continue on.
And the tremolo riffing/outro right after was great.
The cadence was somewhat weak, but it works in this context.


Feel free to crit on of my songs.
I'd recommend Lycotrope or Malkeet, as my other pieces are very dissonant and random. And they aren't stuctured that well either.
I quite liked that. Again, the intro riff was a bit repetitive, just drop a repeat or two off of it and you'll be fine here. It's a pretty sweet riff though, I can see why you wanted to repeat it so much

I enjoyed everything else too. The verse was a stand out with its stops/starts, and the solo was fantastic. Keep it up!

Thanks again for the crit/suggestions.
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This was pretty cool. The tremolo riffs and solo were fantastic. The only thing this song is lacking is drum variety. If you could spice them up some (More cymbals, different rhythms, etc.), then this would be great.
The intro sounds like a computer thats frozen and you keep clicken the crap out of it anyway and it starts beeping at you. The solo part is kinda cool, but if you want to write i real song i suggest you use DISTORTION!