Here is a video of a 10 year old student of mine who is a very good player and we are playing Stairway to Heaven together:


Here is a heavy metal version of the Imperial March from Star Wars with another student:


Some videos of other students playing classical guitar can be seen at:


In my favourites section there is also a video of me in concert a few years ago and an interview with me (the interview starts half way through the video).
OH MAN !!! Is That a Peavey Backstage 110 O_O'
I LOVE those amps man !!!

And ohyeah for a ten yr old he plays great !
Just a bit fast but i guess u 2 supposed to play it that way !

Great Job !

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Dude, I think I would know, Trivium invented Thrash, Metallica are lucky they got as far as they did piggy-backing off of Trivium's signature style.
He started playing when he was 5 so he has played for 5 years now. According to his mother right from when he began to talk he started asking for a guitar. They bought him a toy guitar which he absolutely hated so they then had to buy him a small children's electric guitar. Then he got an adult sized Epiphone SG that went out of tune a lot so his father told him if he could learn Stairway to Heaven he would buy him a real SG probably believing that he couldn't do it. As you can hear he learned it so he got his real SG. I am more of a classical guitarist so he actually has a better electric guitar/amp setup than I do. There are not many 10 year olds that one could justify having such a guitar at that age but he is certainly the exception.
Awesomeness and Badassery. But:
Tell him to take that stupid hat off. To me it's just him being arrogant.

I think I was 10 when I learned Stairway and could do it on this level back then. Started when I was 7. This is awesome, it is rare a kid puts enough passion into a skill like playing guitar. Make sure he keeps playing and taking lessons.
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