So, my other guitarist has this amp... which my research has told me is a ~20 year old solid-state amplifier.. the weird part is it's an open back combo amp that has two large tube-lookalike canisters in the back. Not only that, it has the volume of a tube amp, on 3(/10) it is just blasting and more than loud enough to work with our 4 piece metal band.

But my research says it's just a 100w solid state... the on switch doesn't even have a "Standby" setting.

Anyone have any experience with this monster of volume?
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I purchased a 'Hundred 212' back in the late 70's for $500.00 in San Jose, CA. The solid-state technology is known as Y-FET. This technology produces a very clean, low-background noise, sound, as you may already know.

From the IEEE Explore website (i.e. FET stands for 'Field Effect Transistor'):

"The drift zone of superjunction devices consists of compensated n- and p-columns. The manufacturability of such devices is based on the thorough control of acceptors and donator concentrations. Shrinking the cell pitch to a few micrometers requires considerably better compensation control compared to 10 mum pitch devices. A new concept that applies a stack of Y-shaped field plates to a charge compensated device is investigated by numerical simulation. The YFET concept provides a 7 times larger compensation process window compared to a device with oxide filled trenches, allowing much higher doping concentrations. A specific on-resistance of 0.65 Omegamm2 at a breakdown voltage of 680 V can be achieved at a cell pitch of about 4.6 mum."