Ok, me, my rhythm guitarist (matt), and my drummer (brandon), where talking about something to do with time signatures. And matt mentions something about having to play something in 3/6 timing back when he was in drum line.

he says stupid stuff all the time and we call him out on it and he's normally wrong and I'm getting sick of it. like the time he said buckethead was the original guitarist for GNR and wrote sweet child of mine, when he said slipknot got the name of their band because their dad's were all in a band called slipknot before them, and many other things.

anyway, the back to the current dispute.

I basically told him he was full of shit and told him that the second number is always what type of note gets the beat, so you could only have 2, 4, 8, etc. because there is no such thing as a sixth note. the drummer wasn't really sure because he said he hasn't read sheet music since school, so he had no input. Matt remains stubborn and says that he's positive. so I say fuck it, I'll check it out when I get home.
I hate to tell you, since ur friend sounds like an asshole; Those signatures do exist and are used. Not very much, but since you say he got it from drumline, they probably experiment with every rhythm possible.

It's to change time signature in a key.

like 4/4 is 4 quarter notes, if u play 6/3 after that, it means u play 6 notes in based on the time of 3 quarters.

It's hard to explain, maybe you can find info on it somewhere else.

You can write it different, but if u have let's say a fill with different dynamics, this would give it it's own place in the score, to; for example give a sign or aid in "Remembering"

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He's probably wrong about the current situation, but it is possible... though I'm no expert on this.


Historically, this device has been prefigured wherever composers have written tuplets; for example, a 2/4 bar consisting of 3 triplet crotchets could arguably more sensibly be written as a bar of 3/6.

Edit: Damn, outplayed.
he's right yeah, But he still remains a douche

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goddamnit! well it's still stupid!

but how the hell do you notate it? does that mean there is such a thing as a 6th note? if so I'm asking for a refund on my guitar pro i didn't even pay for.

edit: and could someone link me to a song that uses something like this? I searched for the songs mentioned in the wiki on youtube and couldn't find them, then searched for irrational time signatures and 3/6 time signatures but I didn't get anything.
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