hey guys
ive been looking at a couple of practice amps for a while now, preferably 15watts because its only for my room, and ive narrowed it down to the Roland Cube 15x or the Crate fw15. I was originally also looking at the line 6 spider 3 15 but after doing somes earches on Ug there probably not for me. So does anyone have any experiences with the Roland or the Crate, or reccomend me one of them? Some help would be appreciated.

EDIT: oh yea i play metalz
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i would go with the roland over the crate

check out the vox da series i think they are called

they are really good as well
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ive had nothing but fun with the roland microcube. (which im selling), but thats besides the point. that little thing gets loud! hah. check em out in person, but im just saying ive had bad experiences with crates. id take the roland anyday.