Alright, so I've been looking at three tube amps. A Crate V18-212, a Fender Blues Junior and a Peavey Windsor Studio. All tube amps. All good sounding, though the Crate is a pain in the ass to get a good one out of. My question though, is does GC have Black Friday sales, and do/have they ever included amps, specifically tube amps? I need it before the 28th(I'm playing a show with a friends band then, and I can' afford the low power mine has or crap tone it gives when live), so I can't afford to gamble on guesses on whether it will, but from the same cue I'm poor and Black Friday sales are when I get my important shopping done, so I need to wait til' then if they do. So, do they?

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I seem to remember them doing that in the past. They advertise well so it shouldn't be hard to find out beforehand.
I'd try the used market first though, that's where the real deals are.
yeah they definitely will have some sales, but whether those amps will included or not, i have no idea

i would go with the fender blues out of all those amps man

check out the peavey delta blues amps too. i got mine new for 430 for a guitar shop on sale.
I buy used sometimes but rarely. I like having a brand new amp. But sometimes I will buy a used amp. But I don't like buying used guitars. I'd rather not have one someones been playing. Fender blues is definitely the choice I'd make in that situation. I'd look at a peavey classic 30 too
I bought my VJ last year on "Black Friday" and ended up only paying something like $80 for it. They had a slight markdown on some Peavey tube amps (specifically the VK and the Windsor), but pretty much depended on mailed out coupons for most of their discounts.
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Yeh, I'd say for sure that GC and all the others (Musician's Friend, Music 123, etc.) will be having sales on Black Friday. It's just a question of what exactly will be on sale and at what price. It's hard to tell in advance if the amps you're looking at will be on sale that day so I'd just keep checking their website and your mailbox.

Also, if you call your local store they usually know a few days in advance of the sale and will sometimes tell you the details. I did that myself a few days before the 4th of July and they told me the brands that were on sale and the discounts, etc...
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TS: Yeah its pretty likely there'll be a sale on there, but don't expect ridiculous prices on a lot of items, it'll prolly be quite limited.
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the crate, the fender BJ is a better amp but it depends on what your looking for.

The Crate would be better for rock ,hard rock, modern stuff with pedals.

the BJ would be better for blues, classic rock, and IMO Hard rock is a stretch for this amp, but I dont own the thing so try to get some perspective from someone who does, if you ask me the crate does the Hard rock thing better, but you will need an OD even a cheap one does wonders for this amp, it really takes a liking to pedals.
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Hey, I just got a postcard from GC saying they're having a sale on Friday, 11/28...15% off any one single item and all of the amps the OP listed above are included in the sale. Only Mesa Boogie and some of the really high-end products are not included...so definitely get down to GC next Friday dude!
Us GC employees don't know for 100% sure at this point what the deals will be, but there will definitely be some 15%ish deals on a lot of stuff. There will of course be the financing deals with the GC credit card, and the prepackaged holiday gift packs which are typically a great deal. Right now we have 8-packs of D'addario XL's for $20. Unfortunately I wouldn't be the person to ask about guitar or amp deals, as I work in the accessory department

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