So Ive been looking in to getting a whole set up on pickups. my music style is heavy stuff...chug...harmonics...mostly rhythm ....getting into sweeps etc etc... (sounds kinda weird i know i like to learn differently..it seems to help)

my gear is a crappy 30W line 6 amp for the time being untill i get a new one (tube) so yeah....

Ive been looking to get either the seymore duncan dimebucker or the invader sh8 for the bridge and a SH-2 Jazz for the neck. I truly havent decided if i want active or not. I just dont want any "extra modifications" done to my guitar like extra holes etc etc for batteries or what not....unless it will be truly worth it....call me wrong but i am not sure what it takes to have active pickups installed....or pricing.

what other types of pickups would be a good choice?
Get a new amp first; Their not perfect, but Gibson pickups can sound a hell of a lot better through some good old vacuum tubes.

If you still don't like it though, try a Seymour Duncan Invader bridge and 59' neck, or 59' neck and DiMarzio Evolution bridge.

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dimebuckers and invaders are muddy, I've got first hand experience. Don't bother with them.

and also, pickups only make a good tone better. So get a new amp first and you might be presently surprised.
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Quote by l3p4rd
dimebuckers and invaders are muddy, I've got first hand experience. Don't bother with them.

He's right unfortunately. the dimebucker looks promising, but it falls short of the mark IMO.

I would suggest EMG's (81\85) for your style, but its a lot of work switching from passive to active
Seymour Duncan Blackout's. Seriously. I have EMG's in my Explorer and they sound pretty good, but I put some Blackout's in my Agile and they sound incredible. I used EMG's for about 12 years, but the Blackouts blow them out of the water, and they are cheaper. I'm going to ditch the EMG's in my Explorer for a set pretty soon. They are killer for any kind of metal.

You shouldn't need to mod the guitar at all for the battery, it's a tight fit, but I was able to stuff one in the control cavity of my Explorer. You could also just put it in the cavity behind the pick guard if you wanted.
blackouts compared to an emg pickup......what would be the difference? like i said before id rather not modify my guitar all crazy
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