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LTD EC or ESP eclipse
9 27%
Ibanez RG
7 21%
A cheap gibson Les Paul
5 15%
Ibanez ART 500
5 15%
Something Completely Different
7 21%
Voters: 33.
ok im looking at getting a new guitar
i dont have any specific models but tell me which guitar u think is best


o yea i want something thats good 4 clean playing
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something different.

instead of a gibson get a good epiphone standard and upgrade the pickups. save yourself a wedge and get the same guitar more or less...
Thank you please.
i said art..i played the 120, that was EXCELLENT value for money..im can only assume the 500 is supreme compared!!
For playing clean? A Fender Tele or Strat is my opinion but it depends what sort of a clean tone you're looking for as some low output humbuckers give off a great clean sound.
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i want something that can play clean with a good sound but can still put outa good distortion
Quote by kennel
i want something that can play clean with a good sound but can still put outa good distortion

Hmm many options then. Low to mid output humbucker could do the trick, or a higher output single coil. If I were you I'd go to Seymour Duncans website and listen to some of their soundclips of pickups both clean and dirty. Then see what you like most
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
kool thanks for the idea but i cant seem to find the soundclips am i blind or dont they exist
I voted something completely different because... monty python tried to sell me a dead parrot. There's lots and lots of options. Maybe research a bit and find some examples of bands that have a kind of guitar tone you like.
ok thx for the advice

does any1 know where i can find some sound samples for some ibanez LoZ pickups
- If you like LP's, then the ESP is a good way to go, or get an Epi/Vintage/Rally/Agile/Tokai LP copy and upgrade it a bit. Ignore the cheap Gibsons, they're trash.

- Other than LPs, I second any suggestions of HSS strats. Though, my preference is to go for an HH strat and replace both pickups with Swineshead A.M.P. pickups, so you can get true single coil tones as well as fully humbucker tones in both positions.
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ok thnks for all the feedback

im pretty sure in gunna go with a eclipse despite the price
but im not quite sure i want emg's and i dont wanto rush into replacing pickups so has any1 got any ideas?