ok so i have an old copy of an Explorer, Westly if i remember correctly

I've decided im gonna do something with it, the action is terrible and the pickups arn't so hot either

anyone fancy telling me how to replace them without totally destroying the guitar lol

Also how do you go about getting a new finish on guitars...

I'll upload some pictures later
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It's really easy if you know how to use a soldering iron. Most pups come with a schematic. Just follow that. If not, you could always get a tech to do it. Most shops have a tech they deal with, so you could just bring it in if you don't know someone that can do it for you. It's a simple job and shouldn't cost more than $30. You can also get him to do the action and intonation at the same time for you, if you don't know how to do it yourself. They'll usually do it for free if you're already getting some work done.
look through the stickies in guitar building and customising section of the forums. After a good read you'll be set, and like madrigal said, the pickups usually come with schematics.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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