hey UG,
I have to re drill a stratocaster bridge pivot hole and I was wondering whether I can use something else instead of a dowel... also do you use glue and what type?

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Wll you should probably use a dowel as they are going to be the closest shape.

Titebond original wood glue.

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Ok thanx... But I have seemed to have fixed it

how did you do it?
Thank you please.
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I just used a piece of skewer to tighten it up

A wooden skewer? Like a dowel?
nah.. I was going to dowel it but i figured i can break off a couple of bits of skewer and shove it in and create a new thread with the screw
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thats pretty much doweling
not really.
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Isn't a skewer like a big toothpick? Just wondering.

Or like thin dowel...

Still, probably better than matchsticks!