thats rather good though the style of singing isnt really my taste, production and instruments etc are all good though
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ya sounds good, id like some delay on the acoustic so the sound of the fingers moving would echo, thats just me though.
and some of the vocals sound off key.
Vocals are similar to Cursive and I think thats cool. The production was good it doesn't jump out as a basement recording like a lot of others I've listened to on this forum. You should experiment with some guitar swells underneath the acoustic in slow disaster it might work out.


i would like to....i have only been playing guitar for about 10 months and i havnt really done much experimenting with electric yet....i did one electric song ever....haha....i think thats my next endeavor.....i want to learn to do some of that atmospheric guitar work so i dont have to rely on synths so much.

*checking out your song now*
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