I'm restoring a Greco LP. And I have one little problem the hole for the 3-way switch is bigger than a usual one.

It looks like this:

So is there bigger switches? And most important, were can I buy one?

Sorry for my poor english, but I think the pic says it all.
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i also need to replace a three-way switch on an old guitar.

i checked on stewmac and found some three-way on-on-on switches but i dont know what size they are and i dont like to shop online, unless i know exactly what im getting.

i went to radio shack and only found three-way on-off-on toggle switches, it seems like a long shot, but can i use one of those? also, the guy at radio shack was asking me if the voltages/amperes matched... i didnt know because the original switch has no labels or writing on it.

does the volts/amps matter for guitar purposes?

what would an on-off-on switch do differently?

any help or off-site wiring/pickup/switch replacement tutorials would be greatly appreciated. i'm new to this kind of thing.
^the on/off/on will be off in the middle position, where a 'regular' 3-way'll have on in all positions.

The ones stewmac sell are the right ones, get either the straight or angled one depending on what your control cavity allows more room for, you don't need the one that says 'for 3 pickups', unless, of course, you have 3 pickups.
You could always dowel it, then install whatever switch size you want.
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drill it out and doweling it would be a good idea... although it may ruin your finish around that area (shouldn't or not to much) Are you sure that your switch is so much bigger than every other switch?
I'm wondering if you couldn't just use washer on bother sides and screw the nut on it real tight?

I don't think I've seen bigger switches. I've used switches like this on my LPs but they're the same size as Gibson type: