So I'm planning on buying the Epiphone LEs Paul Ultra. It costs 650ish. Thn the Les paul ultra II is like 800 dollars. The factory B stock of the Les paul Ultra II is near the same as the Les Paul Ultra. Is it worth it to buy a factory B stock?
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b stock usually is a blemish or scratch or something rather than something that effects playability/structural problems.

if you can find one that isnt too destroyed, go for it i guess
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Epiphones quality control is so good they mark guitars as 2nd (B stock)way too much and for very minor problems. I have looked at Epis that were marked as 2nds and couldn't find any problems. It's possible they correct the problem and resell it as a 2nd (B stock). Actually there is an Epi Tony Iommmi SG at a local shop I really like and it's marked 2nd and aside from the mark on the head stock I can't find anything wrong with it and the price is marked down a lot. I have bought several Bstock guitars from Musicians Friend and not one had any noticable problems. I was told a lot of their B stock is just stuff that was returned and they can't sell as new any more.
hmmmmmmm i wouldnt go for b-stock or w/e online, id want to have a good look at it if i were you.
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Can always return it?
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