my fren is selling his gothic les paul for 500 US..hes also throwing in some free stuff like

a yamaha amp some cables, picks, straps,a pack of strings and he also wants to

refurbish it fully and hes desperate but im not sure i should buy it off him..i mean, i want

to try it before i buy it, but he says hes desperate to sell it and there are already buyers

in waiting list...and i dont know wat to do..any suggestions??..i was also wondering if

the guitar would be a good buy..hes used it for a year..
^ Aren't they around the same price brand new?

EDIT: CHEAPER than that on Ebay, NEW. The guitar itself isn't too bad (I own it; to be honest, the hardware isn't brilliant - the pots are scratchy and the jack insert comes loose easily). The amp and the hardware are not worth the extra, though he's clearly trying to make it sound like he's giving you them for free.
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the epiphone LP goth sells for 299 brand new, so even with a junkie amp and some pics, its not worth 500 used....
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no no im not buying it..just wanted to see wat ur opinions were about it..i mean, i was

thinking of buying it..but i had no money for it anyway..and now hes telling me hes bringing it

down to 320..
I've always been a sucker for the Epiphone Gothic series, but not that much of a sucker, even 320 is too much. Check ebay, the first thing you see is a new gothic LP for $299.
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