Hey guys,
I recently purchased a sunburst Highway One Telecaster. I have heard rumors that Fender guitars sound better and better as they age, is there any truth behind this? I intend on keeping this guitar for a long time, also I am a bit concerned about the nitrocellulose finish, the guy at the store said that the finish will eventually sink in or something to give the guitar a vintage worn look, has anyone here owned a highway one guitar for over a year or two? If so, how does the finish look? One final question - guitars made in the 50s and 60s are considered vintage, will my highway one tele be a vintage guitar if i take good care of it, in 40 years or so?
Fenders are one of the few guitar brands that consistently look better as they age, IMO.

Though I doubt it will reach vintage-level prices, unless guitar manufacturing takes a major turn for the worse in the future.
I am not a fan of Fender guitars so I can't really say they get better with age but I used to collect Gibsons and I found some sounded great and some didn't no matter what the age. I am not a fan of relic or aged guitars I don't think any guitar looks good beat up.

I hate Nitrocellulose finishes. I think the older formular was a lot better than what they use today. I have seen Gibsons LPs and SGs 5 years old and newer with finish problems like cracking, checking and fading and I have seen much older Gibsons that still looked new. As far as getting better with age sometimes the manufacturers might not be using a well seasoned wood that will season over the years and you could get better sound later I guess. Nitrocellulose IMHO is not the best finish for a guitar it's too tempermental it chips and cracks way too easy the enviorment can also make it fail like fading and clouding and it doesn't wear well. If you get a crack or chip in it, it spreads fast air or mousture gets under it ands makes it go faster. Nitrocellulose finishes add big money to the price of a guitar and IMHO it's not worth the extra dough. If some one told me the finsh would start failing I would hand him the guitar back and say no thank you but that's me.