I am thinking about modding my squier. ITs in good condition and sounds pretty decent.
I have a phaser switch already but looking for some effects and stuff to hide my average playing

Thanks in advance
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to be fair - average playing with lots of effects just sounds like average playing with effects.

but thats not what you asked - you could make a killswitch for your guitar, if this is too expensive or technical then maybe you could just cut the wire to one of your pups - i dont know if that'll make it silent or if you'll just get static, but it should work - probably shouldnt be the middle pup or else when switching from neck to bridge you'll hit a silent bit in the middle.

emm . . . there are lots of wiring diagrams to get extra variations from a 5 way switch on a strat - check them out on google - alternatively, maybe a humbucker and a coil tap?

emm . . . booster switch? like an emg afterburner . . . there cool

kaoss pad? like matt bellamy

8 Bit would be pretty cool IMO
" Dont play with me, I'm not your toy"

"Don't fool with me. I am not your gameboy"

If a killswitch is too expensive, there isn't anything else TS can afford, either. Cutting the wire to a pup will:

1. Render it completely useless and
2. Inject noise into the signal when that pup is selected.

Go to the ultimate killswitch thread for plenty of info regarding killswitches. They are one of the easiest and cheapest mods you can do.

As for other mods: If you have an HSS guitar with a 5-way switch, you can wire it for auto-splitting when the bridge and middle pups are selected (and still remain a humbucker when in any other position). The only drawback is that you'll have to "move" your tone pots to the other side of the switch and if you have a tone pot wired to two pups (like for me, my bridge and middle pups shared a tone pot), you'll have to move it to only 1 of those pups (but you can still have a master tone).
You could practice, that would help the average-playing bit.

What kind've guitar do you have? We need more detail than 'a Squier' to really help you.

That being said, try coil-splitting, and maybe a EQ system.

I own a ****e acoustic
A Squier which is american(if that helps)
Epiphone SG

I was think i put some LED's on it
That would be flashy:P
" Dont play with me, I'm not your toy"

"Don't fool with me. I am not your gameboy"

LEDs would look mad, get the ones that change colours, i've seen ones that go red - green - blue,
you'll need a 9V battery and a stereo jack and some other stuff for that though.
How extreme of a budget are we talking?
what do you want, do you want a better tone from your guitar? etc etc
Tone primarily, then looks would be cool, but when your budget his R500(SA) thats about $90 or so
" Dont play with me, I'm not your toy"

"Don't fool with me. I am not your gameboy"

well if your looking for tone go new pickups, what type of music do you like?
if you want more sustain get a new hard steel bridge and tuners.
If you want better tuning stability, get new tuners, new bridge (or jsut saddles) and a Graphite nut
etc etc, theres loads of possibilities.
Guitarists I'd like to be similiar to:

Tom Morello
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton

I like blues a lot, but Tom Morello is my fave
" Dont play with me, I'm not your toy"

"Don't fool with me. I am not your gameboy"

Tom as in Rage or Audioslave?
If you want ratm tone get EMGs, SA's or S's, they are what tom has in his Arm the homeless guitar. Yeah i know, "but he has humbuckers". no, there not humbuckers, there actually single coils in a humbucker housing, the Hs and HAs which are the S series but in humbucker housing

Eric Clapton uses Lace Sensors Gold (thats whats in his sig model)
Or what he uses now which is Fender Vintage Noiseless.

Jimi Hendrix uses whatever was on his guitar at the time i guess, there was no such thing as replacement pickups back then

Now depending on what you want you may go all active or all passive. If you want active get like an EMG S in the neck and a Lace Sensor Gold in the middle and then a EMG SA in the bridge, or something like that, mix them around.
If you want passive get a set of Fender Vintage Noiseless, Eric Clapton and Tom Morello Tone (soul power guitar has fender vintage noiseless pickups)

Its all up to what you wanna do

EDIT: Oh, i forgot about your budget better get working and earn some money

Also is it HSS, SSS or HH?
Hendrix used stock strat pups. Back then, replacement parts (of any kind, barring knobs, covers, etc.) were not widely available, if at all.

And no offence, TS, but I doubt your Squier is American. American Squiers are quite rare. They were made for less than a year between 1989 and 1990, and only because a fire at the Mexican plant disrupted things for a few months.

What's the serial on yours?
Paint your guitar with a psychedelic scene.

That would be very Hendrix/Clapton-esque.
i remember your thread on that a couple of months ago when i like first came on the UG forums
Too bad it smeared all over the place. I removed (most of) the drawing. When my brother's finger heals, I'm gonna get him to redo it then clear coat it before I put it on...