My sexy new Legacy came today, and I did shortly after.
Shouldn't be long before the band is gigging again, so I'm gonna needs me some powah.
What I want is versatility, since I play all sorts of styles.
My budget is around 500 pounds, 550 max, as I need a new pedal or two. A 4x12 is what I'm after.

Cheers fellers
Yeah, the Legacy cab would be a smart choice, but I simply got lucky and found the head on eBay. The shipping would cost me my firstborn child.
I second the Port City. They are made in the same state as I live in NC. Also, you might want to check out Avatar.
Origonally Posted by Lauke_101
And you're right

Gibson>Moog>KJL>Homebrew 2x12

Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
Cornford Roadhouse
Marshall JCM2000
KJL 4x12 to match KJL head
Look for something with V30s. Greenbacks or 65s wouldn't be a bad choice either. I would suggest a Mesa cause they're awesome but seeing as your in the UK, you'd get screwed on that one.
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Wow, epic bump.

I got a Marshall 1960A a few weeks after the head, because I saw it on eBay for 230 bones, about half of the stock price. And i'd played through them before so I knew they sounded nice and tight.
Nice find, can you get sound clips up?
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