I'm a newbie and been playing a Epi LP custom thru a VoxAD30VT. I've been happy with this combination but now my wife wants to start playing also. She'll be getting her own guitar an Epi as what one not sure yet.
I want her to have her own amp and not wanting to get the exact same one I figured could try another kind. I was thinking of a Fender FM65DSP. I'd like to know about the effects on this amp and how it sounds at lower (nothing much past 12 o' clock)volumes.
I don't know much about the amp. But I advise you not to get her a better amp, because she won't be happy when you play hers all the time instead of your own

EDIT: I have heard the frontman series isn't great. Never played one though.
Don't get the Fender...Please...oh please dont.

If you want effects look at Roland Cube 30X or Peavey Vypyr 30
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I wouldn't get the Frontman. i own one. Might be good for jazz or someone who wants a super clean solid state amp for metal using their own pedals but the effects suck...which is what you asked about.

Music Style?
New or Used? (good deals out there)
Home or gig?
Closest major city?

i own the 65R Version. .don't get it pls. . .

Lot's of buzz, no good quality. . .

It's extremely loud when distortion channel is at 4(not o'clock) hearts my ears

When i plug in my ds-2 i have bad response. . .

Go for Roland Cube 30x or Peavey Vypyr