Ive recently got an offer to trade my valveking halfstack for a 90s supreme head head and a peavey cab with sheffields.

Anyone have any experience with this head and/or cab? im waiting for a response as to the specific model. I play in a death/black metal band, i was looking for an amp i could use the onboard distortion with rather than the metal muff.

Just looking for some criticism and thoughts form you guys.
"I will have to look at the cab when I get home this evening to get you a model #. The head is the 100 and is a solidstate... not a tube. It is the one which has the reversible front panel that is plain on one side and has a tribal design on the other. It can be switched from 50 watts to 100 watts. The gain is absolutely insane on this head, that is partly why it doesn't really appeal to me. "

Just got this email from the guy.............
I honestly wouldn't trade. The trade isn't in your favor at all, he'd be getting the better end of the deal.

It might have more gain, but it wouldn't be an upgrade in sound quality, not to mention your stack is worth about 2 - 3 times his.
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