This song is cool. You should post the lyrics as I couldn't always hear what was being said. For this type of you definitely need to vocals to be a little higher in this mix. They should float over the other instruments. The chorus sound like Live's "Hold Me Up" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bG1ZBaniv0 . The vocals sound like Tim Armstrong's from Rancid. Actually a lot of it sounds like Rancid's more mellow, experimental stuff. Pretty cool. The guitars fit very well, though they are a bit buzzy at times. Also, some of the guitar parts seem a little off. The off parts are fairly predictable so it sounds like maybe its from latency.

Nice job though, I'm surprised to really like the song!
I dig the guitar line , and the vocals are classic. This is not something I can say I'd thought I'd enjoy at first, but its good stuff! I took a listen to some others as well , Keep Moving On is a really good tune.
I like the upbeat side of it and the "intro" riff type thing is sort of catchy. Main complaint is I couldn't hear the voice very well in a lot of parts. Just some EQing could fix that up. This is lyrically driven and if your voice is hidden, it paints a bad picture of the song. Fun to listen to though. Good work.
I actually like this quite a bit. Your voice is quite good, not exactly my tastes but definitely works. The leads were cool and pretty catchy, in general, though I'd suggest mixing it quieter during the chorus. Speaking of which, i liked the chorus the best, it was quite catchy.

You did a good job with the song, it's catchy and fun without being overly trite or cliche really. At least, it's definitely not anything I usually listen to.

crit my song if ya want in return, or just for fun. It's a bit different hah.
I like this one. The guitar parts sound amazing, the vocals are really pretty cool, and it's just got that silly vibe to it you were looking for. It's very catchy too. I enjoy myself a good novelty song and you did a good one. Kudos to you. As far as the vocals go, I think they could be a little louder, and posting the lyrics would probably help. Also, maybe its just me but the song seems to start a little weird. I cant put my finger on it, but something in those first few seconds doesn't quite click. Maybe it's just me. Very good song overall though.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=990269
Pretty cool !
The vocals are nice, but they are not loud enough, and the drums sound a bit repetitive and should change a bit by the chorus. Great guitarwork btw
Quite good..

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