Hey I'd appreciate it if some of you guys could check out the song on my profile, and then I'll check out yours. I think it's called 'New Song'. It's cut off at the end, becasue my stupid comp, and I messed up a bit, and it's not synced perfectly. But I was using audacity, and I couldn't record and listen to the rythm part at the same time. And I had to hold my guitar awkwardly. And I had to hold my guitar next to some piece of crap mic while it recorded. So, if you guys give give it listen, and maybe rate it, I'll check out some of your stuff. Thanks.
Quote by yoyo9333
oww Just when the nice little lead comes it ends. Man you gonna have to put the whole tune up.. it sounded preey cool considering it was so short.



Thank you, thank you. Yeah, it does get cut off, but I was really excited for this one, so I wanted to put it up ASAP . I'm gonna keep working on it, but I doubt there will be lyrics in the next version, because I don't think I can sing so well. I'll at least finish the guitar parts.

And I commented/rated your silly song.