This may seem like the lazy way but . . .

I'm rebuilding a les paul, but i want to do something with it to change the kind of look - nothing serious, so i'm thinking what can i add to make it look a bit different?

The guitar is quite worn, but generally black, with yellowed binding, the hardware was all gold, but has now turned a crap colour of grey. Its going to have a half scalloped neck and no inlays, it also doesn't have a pickguard but i suppose that is an option.

I was thinking maybe i'll make all the hardware a colour that you dont usually see on hardware - like red or something - get red pickup covers, red pickguard, truss cover, spray the inton and stop bars red, all the knobs - probably not the tuners tho - but then that might look messy.

What do you think? Any ideas for improving the look? It currently has no pickups and ive got a SD sort of budget set aside for them, so i can do whatever there.

O i'm thinking of only have a bridge pup too - so i dont know what to do with the empty cavity - im thinking fill it with wood and filler and then put a pup cover on it, but i might like it open ala frankestein
i like the idea of the red highlights. I personally would touch up the body so its all nice and give it a good finish, then posibly get like black pup covers and highlight the edges red red edgin round the body and up the neck, headstoc edges as well, then the stop bars and inton black, as well as the pickguard. a red pickguard would just look tacky
do some kisakae/paint do-ups with your ideas, and come back.

i personally imagine the random red colour looking disgusting.
well, i wasn't sure about the red, i just saw a strat that was black with a red/walnuty coloured pickguard, and i thought - that looks nice, so i was thinkin maybe a dark red would work - but i am conscious that its possible to make it look very tacky that way
ok - ive done a kisaekae thing - looks quite good with gold tuners, gold bridge, zebra neck pup, no pickguard - but i think its probably gonna look very similar to a lot of other Lp's out there, and since im putting a lot of effort into it (im almost dreading scalloping and refretting it) i think it should probably stand out more.

maybe i'll take the clear coat off and make it a worn effect - and spray like a serial number on it or something. Like people do on flight cases. might look good in white - it'll go with the zebra pups too
Get some brasso on it - see if you can get it gold again ? gold hardware is amazing.

It might be worn right down through the plating if it's plated.

I know from a reliable source the best polish to use for plated things is silver polish cos it doesn't remove as much metal as brasso etc.

As for a finish, I'd just strip it right down to the wood, and dye it dark brown, then laquer it. dark colours always look good with gold hradware.
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i don't know about other people but i like that. i mean, i've got a epiphone korina explorer at home, replaced the pups with the ones from my old v99 and then sprayed the pick guard silver. the body is already gloss black and it looks swish.
do you mean the fact that the stop bar is really faded? yeah i quite like that too - but im not sure how it will affect how everything else looks, for example, if everything on the guitar was gold, and the stop bar was silver, it'd look out of place.

Hmm . . . i'm not sure - i might go with the silver because it's cheaper too - gold things always seem to have a premium. Altho - i've been calling this guitar Lazarus because i want to bring it back to life, and to see it in all its former glory might be quite cool - so the full black beauty treatment.