I can't figure it out, sometimes they sound really awesome, but half the time they sound flat
Anyone have any tips of making them sound awesome, are there certain frets/strings that are just flat sound, and/or are there effect(s) that help?
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Edit: also could it be the way my guitar's set-up? It's an expensive epi, I haven't messed with teh setup on it hardly at all.
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it all depends on where you pinch them with the right and. try moving your pinching finger up and down the scale. both small amounts or big.

Where you binch for the 7th fret is not always the place to pinch for the 9th fret
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am i the only one who questions "what does he mean by flat" as in, "does the pitch produced on a pinch sounder flat in key as compared to the same note on the same fret unpinched?" is the term flat being used to describe the tone? help me out here.
What the guy in post 2 said is probably your problem. The locations of the "sweet spot" are not the same. Obviously if you fret different notes the distance of the fret to the bridge ( The length of the vibrating part of your string) is more or less. Therefore the location that makes the best pinch will change. You have to seek the hot spots and expirament/practice to find what works for what particular fret with a particular guitar. This is your problem.

To the poster who said you'll have them perfect in a few minutes : No you wont have them perfect in minutes or ever. You can always improve a technique.

If you have humbuckers in a epi lp its not your setup its you. I can make them sound on an acoustic very quietly. The pickups and amp settings can change the ability to pick up the sound and make it come out but they do not change the technique. Try pinching on an acoustic you should be able to hear it just super quietly as its not electricly amplified.
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^ +1 it took me a couple months of fairly consistent daily practice to get them down to being able to do them at will. as for the "sweet spots" i've never personally had any problems doing them on any fret/string combination (up to the 12th) but since all guitars are different i'll say the "sweet spot" is definitely possible, however my suggestion is to aim to get them down everywhere regardless of where your fingers are. i've found its definitely all in the pick hand.
^You are subconciously hitting the right spots. Just becuase you dont know what your doing doesnt mean your not. Ask a physics student if theres a sweet spot that would change depending on string length. I dont understand it fully myself but i know there is definatly vertical positions that are sweet spots. Its the same reason natural harmonics sound better in sweet spots. Some physics student shoudl clarify for us. Ill search for a scientific article on the harmonics subject id like to know myself. On my next break damn i gotta go back to work.
^ hahahaha. it might be, i know the angle of the pick attack/thumb inflection is relative to the fret you're on and only requires minute adjustments dependent upon the string thickness and the pitch, but it might be that i've innately become used to that and automatically adjusted to it by instinct or subconsciously or something of that nature. i've never paid too much attention to the technical aspects of pinching other than "throw a slight touch of thumb into the attack and a little extra or less twist into the attack depending on the string thickness"
With reference to the "sweet spots", on most of the guitars i have used (strats and ibanez RG's), the 'sweet spot' moves up and down the neck in relation to what you are fretting. Pinching at the mid pup when fretting the 9th fret of b string will not produce the same kind of harmonic when pinching the same place but fretting a different note on the same string. If you pinch at middle pickup for the 9th fret, and move down to the 7th and want to do another pinch, you'll have to move your picking hand slightly down the string also to get the same kind of harmonic. There are a number of different places on the string which give different pitches of harmonic, just experiment until you find what you like. Hope that helps
Yea thats basically the same thing i was suggesting. ^ I would love to see some super slow motion camera action of a pinch harmonic and other guitar techniques. Like when they roll the film at ultra high speed. They had a show on discovery channel where they used the lab at MIT to video things like water balloons bursting , a guy getting punched in the face a dog drinking water out of a bowl so you could see his tongue actual scooping it out backwards and more. They should have done one on guitars or maybe they did and I missed it.
^ yeah sorry i re-read over the thread, never noticed you saying pretty much the same. I would love to see a super slow mo as well, of how the string ocillates depending on where you fret/pick.
^ Yea thats definatly the type of video I was talkin about. Thats really cool thanks for the link. Id still love to see Yngwie or Paul Gilbert or someone rediculous playing in front of one of those cameras too though lol.
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For first thing. be sure to get back immediately the finger that have produced the harmonic, and be very accurate and coordinate.

Now, it's time to work on the effects: they are very important to play flatless the pinch or artificial harmonics .
EQUALIZATION: Basically you need some mid and high frequences extra, but do not cut ever the bass! example: Bass 5 Middle 8 High 6.5
DISTORTION: Gain, gain and again gain!
COMPRESSOR: set the attack medium-high and the level also.
PICKUP: bridge and Humbucker
And that's all, folks!