Hey, i hate to part ways with my snowboard stuff but its just not getting the use it needs and i need to pay some bills (also im moving to az in less than a yr n snowboarding may be difficult in the desert)

i have a Forum Peter Line (not sure of the yr i think a 2002 or 3) 159 w/ burton mission bindings. id like $200 for it

2006 32 Lashed boots- $90

Oakley Wisdom Googles with Fire Iridium lenses- $80

Im not sure about shipping but i will look into that today.

open to all offers and trades so give me an offer.
yes sir no problem. I am at work right now so I will get some pics online ASAP.

also I put the wrong boot model in the post ( i couldnt remember the exact model at work yesterday)

they are 32 prospect boots. size mens 9.5.

the board itself is in good condition. it has one minor chip that was there when i purchased it. there is no bad gouges in the bottom of the board either. I can wax it and sharpen it up before i ship it out too.

and the oakley wisdoms are the white camo frame with fire irridium lenses