I just picked up a fretless Ventura 4-string bass for what I consider a bargain (50 quid) price off ebay but I can find nothing on the web about this manufacturer. Anyone know of them? Is it a good bass? Frankly, I only bought it to see what a fretless bass is like to play!
Chances are... if the brand isn't around anymore.... no. Or it's very valuable, never know.
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Thanks for those. Weird, it speaks of Ventura guitars being japanese made repros of US designs, imported into the US in the 70-80s. Mine is (or appears to be) very new, only 4m old according to the seller & was bought here in the UK.
I didn't dig too deeply on the internet, but it appears that Ventura is one of those companies like Harmony that is now being resurrected by another company and selling instruments once again. Again, they're on the low to mid range, but if you like the bass and it works for you, it appears that you've got a good bass for a reasonable price.